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I am 40+ years old, my height is 160cm and I weigh 52 kg. My measurements are 93/62/94 (5'3", 115lbs., 36C, 24, 36). I live in an old town in Eastern Europe. I work in my own store. After work I rush home to my lovely family, my husband and my kids. I spend my free time I take care of my body, do aerobics and go to the gym. the most important thing for me is my family and we spend a lot of time together. Besides this my real hobby is dancing and like most women I love shopping for new clothes. I like to dress feminine and slightly provocatively. About four years ago I posted some pictures of me on the internet and the reaction I receive was overwhelming from what I expected which prompted me to pose for more pictures that in turn lead to the creation of this site. I really "work" hard to make this site great. My husband, who is my photographer loves to take pictures of me, and it is a real pleasure for me to pose in front of the camera which you will find out by entering the site. I expect to have great time by running this site and I am certain you will have a great time with me as well!!!

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Hi Ala. Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your site very much ! You have a distinct look which is very appealing to me.
Scott Ipswich UK
Hello Ala. I am great fan and admirer of you and your pictures, from Germany ! You are a absolutely pretty , wonderful and fantastic women!!! What beautiful legs and body ! I love your legs in nylon !! It's a dream !!!
Hans from Germany
Hi Ala . I visited a lot of "feet and legs" sites , and you are the best . You have lovely eyes, friendly smile, beautiful hair...your whole body is simply fabulous...
Marko from Belgrade
Hi Wonderful creature ! Only a few lines to say ...that you're the most beautiful woman i've never seen on web...that's true...!
Giovanni from Italy
Hi Ala!! I am a member since few weeks. First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your husband ( the photographer ) for all the job you did. The model is wonderful and so pretty, the photos are very nice and very good quality.Your poses are great.
Poul US
Dear Ala. I just saw your pictures... They nearly brought me to the Hospital. Really great. I have no other words. You are simply incredible !!!!!!!!! Thanks God I had my Hearth medicines with me, otherwise it would have been the END for me !! Your legs are a wonder of the Nature. As a thank you for existing, I would like very much to send you a very nice pair of Italian Real Nylons to be worne with garters. You surely merit them :-) Seeing your Hot pictures wearing my nylons would surely kill me, but I am ready to run the risk.
Piero Italy
Hi Ala .I happened to see some of your pictures today for the first time. My comments is : "Oh MY GOD !" You know it is interesting. I think a lot of sites out there are from people who don't realy like a women's feet. They just see the topic as an opportunity to make money.
Hi Ala ! I just stumbled across your site and wanted to tell you how pretty and sexy I think you are. I have a weakness for women in nylons and coupled with your sexiness, this is VERY powerful mix. Don't you feel a little bed teasing us guys like this ? :-) I'm just kidding, I love to be teased ! Thank you for your web site.
Hi ALa: Just joined your site - and is just one word: WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve UK
Hi!!! I am a long time fan of your site and I enjoy your pics. You have the absolutely best foot pics on the net! I have even printed out some of your pics becose I could not be without them. I now that's weird,but I cant help it. Like many others I must say you have absolutely gorgeus feet. Your soles have adorable wrinkles and your toes look very suckable. You have a great body all together and very pretty face. I'm great fan of yours and you are my dreamsgirl !!!
Sergey from Russia
...I have to tell you that yours are the most astounding legs on the net,and yours the most alluring of poses.You are an absolute standout.Ala ,I just gasp at the sheer beauty and tendernes you evoke. Thank you...
Hi Ala. I have joined youweb site,and would like to say it is wonderful. You really know how to wear nylon ...
Nick B. England
Hi Ala. Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your web site . You are a lovely lady with beatiful legs. I was impressed to see that you take the time to keep that sexy little toe aeam where it belongs, across the end of the toes .Too many leg models pay no attention to that seam, with it some times running up the top of the foot. Us leg lovers notice such things.The back seam in pantyhose is also important and you know how to put it where it belongs. Thanks for you and your sharing with us.
hi. I believe that you are the sexiest lady alive. I just can't get enough of you . Please don't ever change ...